Mission Critical Data Center Facilities

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How confident are you in the accuracy of the environmental data you

collect within your mission-critical data center?


Rushed through commissioning to meet a deadline?


Think you have improved your PUE as much as possible?


Need a deep evaluation of critical operational sensors prior to purchasing

or selling a data center?


These are just a few questions we ask, knowing our experience shows that 24%+

of critical environmental sensors within a data center may be out of tolerance,

physically installed incorrectly, not set up or scaled incorrectly, even in newly

commissioned buildings!


Efficient control starts with accurate measurement!


Let SCI conduct a free half-day evaluation to determine if your facility could use increased accuracy!

Is your supplier ISO17025 accredited and use NIST tracable procedures?

A Fine Tuning Health Check for Your Mission Critical Data Center

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New to Data Centers? Watch this video

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SCI Data Center Services

SCI Data Center Services

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How Accurate is the Data from Your Critical Environmental Sensors?

Data centers are required to be up and running 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Or at least that’s what your data center team strives for.

Environmental sensors and controls play a critical role in that requirement!

Regular calibration, configuration and a post-commissioning health check of critical environmental sensors such as temperature, differential pressure, water flow and others are vital to providing accurate data.

And accurate data is vital for the proper performance of your data center!


Whether it is an Enterprise, Colocation or Hyper-scale data center, inaccurate data from sensors and transmitters that have either failed or drifted out of tolerance can lead to significant over corrections over time, producing an overall system performance that is unknowingly below design specifications.


Even using the most advanced BMS, DCIM or other facilities management systems software requires accurate sensor data to function properly and maintain your PUE as designed.


Our mission is to provide customers with confidence that their tools, equipment, and systems operate reliably and accurately!

The Total Calibration Management Solution

NIST traceable calibration, repair and configuration

Vendor Managed Inventory

(Ship-in-Place Program)

Emergent Response

Field Service

NIST Traceable

Instrument Calibration

and Repair

Safety Related

Equipment Compliance


Review of sensors and other instruments include, but not limited to:

  • Dry bulb temperature

  • Relative humidity

  • Wet bulb/dew point temperature

  • Liquid pressure

  • Air and water flow rate/totalization

  • Level

  • Analytical

  • Immersion temperature

  • Air differential pressure

  • High static switches

  • Gas detection

  • PLC’s

  • Switches

  • Breakers

  • Safety equipment

General standard services for calibration, configuration, and repair of critical environmental instruments to be performed within the mission critical facility may include:


• Onsite calibration/configuration of end-to-end DCIM loops.

• System scaling adjustments (i.e. DCIM 4-20mA loop scaling)

• NIST traceable calibration of equipment and building sensors

NIST Traceable Instrument Calibration and Repair


Instrument Database Management

SCI provides a customer accessible, modular, browser-based calibration asset management solution.


The software is a powerful, flexible and scalable solution for managing your calibration assets.


Designed by metrologists for metrology, it is ideal for managing workflow through the calibration laboratory and external events.


Vendor Managed Ship-in-Place Program (SiP Program)

The SiP Program focuses on select critical environmental control devices that require repeat calibration, recertification and usage configuration management. Fully calibrated and accepted inventory controlled material will be maintained at both the customer's and SCI’s locations for immediate or just in time delivery of sensors, PLC’s, switches, breakers, safety equipment and other critical environmental instruments.

Services include:

  • Application engineering

  • Inspection

  • Preservation

  • Labeling

  • Packaging

  • Material

  • Handling/shipping

  • Software (firmware) and hardware upgrades

  • Environmentally controlled inventory at SCI

All services coincide with the appropriate standards and industry knowledge for testing, shelf life, calibration, transportation and storage under ANSI, OSHA, ASTM or other industry standards.​


Safety Related Equipment Compliance

Dielectric and other testing of all safety related items such as:

  • Rubber gloves

  • Rubber sleeves

  • Insulated or fiberglass hot sticks

  • Line hoses

  • Hotline jumpers

  • Confined space entry/air sampling


All services coincide with the appropriate standards and industry knowledge for testing, shelf life, calibration, transportation and storage under ANSI, OSHA, ASTM, (i.e. 29 CFR-1910) or other industry standards and regulations.


Field Service Emergent Response