Standard Calibrations, Inc. has served U.S. Navy ships and shore facilities since our doors opened in 1989. Our experience includes all classes of U.S. Navy ships and projects ranging from the calibration of individual pieces of equipment to large scale SHIPALTS involving major propulsion, auxiliary, and electrical systems.


Below are just a few examples of successful projects accomplished by SCI on U.S. Navy ships:


  • Comprehensive assessment of a Damage Control Console and all associated AFFF, Firemain, and Countermeasure Wash Down System Valve Actuators on an LHD class ship and provided engineering calibration support. Corrected numerous safe-to-start discrepancies and restored vital engineering systems prior to light off.


  • Sea Trials calibration and technical support on an LSD Class ship that recently completed an LSD Midlife Modernization/Upgrade.


  • Emergent repairs to 19 Firemain/Ballast Valve Actuators on an LHD class ship over a weekend, enabling the ship to get underway on schedule.


  • Emergent repairs on three N2 System Control Valves on an LHD class ship. After repairing, SCI precision cleaned the valves IAW Mil-STD-1330D and returned to the ship prior to shipís INSURV inspection.


  • SCD LSD-3396 & 3397; LSD 41/49 Class Advanced Engineering Control System (AECS); Machinery Control System (MCS)/On-Board Trainer (OBT)/Engine Governor Actuator (EGA), and Local Area Network (LAN) Installations on multiple LSDs.


  • SCD LSD-4048K, LSD 41-49 Class Ship Control System (SCS) Installation on multiple LSDs.


  • SCD LSD-3290.8K Generator Upgrade; accomplish (P-1 Piping) on multiple LSDs.


  • SCD LSD-3290.6K, 400 HZ system upgrade on multiple LSDs.


  • SCD LSD-3290.5K, Potable Water System Upgrades on multiple LSDs.


  • SCD 5159K Power Management Platform, LSD MID-LIFE on multiple LSDs.


  • DDG SHIPALT 77892 Installation of Radar and TDR Tank Level Indicators.


  • Shipalt CG47-00442K, Toxic gas damper.


  • Shipalt CG47-00730K, Chilled water isolation valve replacement.


  • SCD-12876 Common Munitions Bit/Reprogramming.


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