Military Sealift Command



Standard Calibrations, Inc. has served ships of the U.S. Navy's Military Sealift Command since our doors opened in 1989. Our experience includes all classes of MSC ships and projects across the globe ranging from the calibration of individual pieces of equipment to large scale SHIPALTS.


Below are just a few examples of successful projects accomplished by SCI on MSC ships:

  • T-AOE 6 Class Auxiliary Boiler Control System Upgrade, converting pneumatic controls to Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs) on ships located in Charleston, SC and Mobile, AL. This also included the removal, overhaul, and reinstallation of motor operated valve actuators and controllers. SCI completed all work within key event deadlines.


  • High voltage switchboard meter calibrations onboard a T-ACS class ship in Newport News, VA and T-AKE class ships in San Francisco, CA and Guam.


  • Calibrated over 2,400 gauges, meters, and thermometers onboard two T-AKR class ships and in Bayonne, NJ.


  • Full engineering system assessment and calibration on a T-AGS class ship in Cape Canaveral, FL in support of a Machinery Centralized Control System (MCCS) upgrade.