Control Systems



SCI has extensive experience in the repair and upgrade of shipboard control systems. Our technical, repair, material, and training support services include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Ship, Steering, Propulsion, Electrical, Damage Control/Firefighting, & Ballast Controls

  • Motor Operated Valve (MOV) Actuators - All types & models of electrical, pneumatic, & hydraulic valve actuators

  • Motor controllers & control panels

  • Shipboard Oil Pollution Abatement (OPA) Systems

  • Pneumatic control systems

  • Relief valves

  • Instrument/gauge cutout valves & piping


SCI is a proud OEM Technical Representative for Tri-Tec Electric and Hydraulic Motor Operated Valve Actuators


Our factory trained technicians are fully qualified and highly experienced in the repair of several types and models of valve actuators.