Standard Calibrations, Inc. has served U.S. Army vessels and shore support facilities for several years.  Our experience includes projects on multiple U.S. Army watercraft, ranging from the calibration of individual pieces of equipment to large scale repairs.


Below are just a few examples of successful projects accomplished by SCI for the U.S. Army:

  • Performed extensive work on U.S. Army Warping Tugs, including removal, overhaul, testing, and reinstallation of the entire Pilot House.  To accomplish this complex task, SCI designed and manufactured special equipment to test all signals and devices between the Pilot House and Tug.  SCI also provided technical services during the troubleshooting and repair of Schottel Propulsion Controls, Valve Actuators, Tank Level Indicators (TLIs), and umbilical cables on multiple Warping Tugs.


  • Installed, calibrated, and commissioned Tank Level Indicating (TLI) equipment and calibrated numerous gauges, thermometers, and meters onboard LSV and LCU class watercraft.  SCI provided full calibration services, including repair or replacement of defective equipment.


  • Calibrated main and emergency switchboard meters on an LT and ST class tugs.