Alarm Systems



SCI has extensive experience in the repair and upgrade of shipboard alarm systems. Our OEM level technical, repair, material, and training support services include, but are not limited to, the following:


  • Gas Detection - Refrigerant, H2S, CO/NO2, & other toxic or combustible gasses


  • Gas Turbine, Diesel Engine, Boiler, & other critical engineering alarms


  • Bilge flooding, fire/smoke, high space temp, magazine sprinkler, intrusion, high/low air flow, tank level, pressure, temperature alarms, & other alarm circuits


SCI is a proud OEM Technical Representative for Ametek, Cameron (Barton), Crystal, Detroit Switch, GEMS Sensors, RdF, and SMAR.


Our factory trained technicians are fully qualified and highly experienced in the repair of numerous types and models of alarm sensing devices.