Shipyards & Defense Contractors



Standard Calibrations, Inc. continues to develop long-term relationships with our Shipyard and Defense Contract customers and partners.  Our Project Managers, Superintendents, Tradespersons, Technicians, and Subcontractors are proven professionals with decades of waterfront experience.  We focus on providing cost-effective solutions and have a proven record or working safely and efficiently in shipyards throughout the United States.


SCI offers firm-fixed bidding and is fully capable of accomplishing all work items turnkey.


Our services include:

  • Calibration

  • In-Shop and shipboard welding

  • Pipefitting

  • Foundation and panel fabrication

  • Brazing

  • Electrical

  • Inside & outside machining

  • Marine Chemist

  • Firewatch

  • Hydrostatic testing

  • O2/N2/Breathing Air System cleaning

  • Calibration

  • Testing and certification

  • Subcontract management for painting, QP1, staging, and ship fitting.


SCI also specializes in the repair and upgrade of Floating Drydock Ballasting Control and Tank Level Indicating Systems (TLIs) and the calibration of all drydock gauges, thermometers, and meters.  We are ready to support your needs whether it is performing repairs onboard ships or maintaining equipment and tools within your facilities.